Baby Refuses to Brush Teeth

Baby Refuses to Brush Teeth

You are not alone who asks: “What I can do if my baby won’t brush teeth?” “How can I get my toddler to cooperate when I brush his teeth?”

Parent’s Concern When Baby Refuses to Brush Teeth

Q: It’s such a struggle to obtain my 3-year-old to brush his teeth every night! I’ve attempted using one of those kid toothbrushes that are supposed to make brushing enjoyable, but every night it’s the exact same temper tantrums and tears. Any ideas on how to make the procedure simpler?

A: Mentor your toddler to take care of his teeth is just one method you can reveal your growing child how to take obligation for his body. This can be an obstacle due to the fact that 3-year-olds are inspired primarily by fun and satisfaction, not by health and need. If you wish to end his resistance to brush, your best choice is to make this nightly task a fun routine for him. Here are a few tricks you can use to do simply that:

Play copycat. Take advantage of a toddler’s natural desire to simulate enjoyable activities he sees. Bring your child into the bathroom with you to view you brush your teeth. Be sure to set out his toothbrush where he can reach it. While you’re brushing, overemphasize a show of enjoyment. He’ll likely be encouraged to copy what you’re doing.

Make the toothbrush a toy. Let him have fun with it. For example, reveal him how to brush his teddy bear’s “teeth,” and even let him brush yours. Develop the impression that tooth brushes are enjoyable to use.

Baby Refuses to Brush Teeth

Children are even more most likely to discover how to brush correctly with some assistance. They also require somebody to make sure they get a full 2 minutes, two times a day. That’s something just 59 % of American kids are currently doing. Parents ought to also help kids floss when a day as soon as they have teeth that are touching.

Play program and tell. While you are revealing your child how to “play” with the toothbrush, tell him why tooth brushing is important. Say: “Sticky stuff gathers on your teeth. The sugar bugs like the sticky things, and if they remain there enough time, they’ll eat into your teeth, and then your teeth won’t be strong and white.” If you have a cavity that’s filled, show it to him to strengthen this point.

Use your finger as a toothbrush. If he still does not appear enthralled by his tooth brush, cover a piece of gauze around your finger (you can in fact acquire slip-on gauze pieces for this purpose) and use your finger to clean his teeth. Some toddlers discover this less frightening than a long, plastic tooth brush. If you use tooth paste, select one that has a flavor he likes. A word of care: If you choose a tooth paste with fluoride, as many dental experts advise, use just a pea-size dab no greater than once a day. Many children this age will swallow toothpaste. As a preventative medication, the mineral fluoride has a narrow risk/benefit ratio: Simply the correct amount of fluoride (via brushing) can assist protect versus dental caries, however excessive (via digestion) can add to weakened enamel.

When nothing else will work: Attempt the two-person method we turned to in our household to effectively brush the teeth of our resistant toddler. Have your child lie on your lap with his head facing you, while your partner sits in front of you knee-to-knee, supporting your child’s body in his lap. Have your partner lean forward and hold your child’s arms and legs while you gently brush his teeth from above (a position that will give you much easier gain access to and a much better view).

Your child will eventually capture on that brushing his teeth is a routine and needed part of taking care of his entire body – and he’ll delight in doing it.

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