Baby Concussion


What’s a concussion?

When a closed-head injury– indicating one where no things permeates the skull– causes a change in the regular performance of the brain, it’s called a concussion. The injury might be from a violent blow, a fall, or a severe shaking.

A child with a concussion might lose consciousness or have ailments with his vision, memory, or balance. This sounds scary, but in most cases the effects are small and temporary and the child recovers totally.

My baby fell and hit his head. How can I inform if he has a concussion?

Infants, toddlers and kids have a minimal ability to inform you how they feel. It’s essential to recognize the following hints that suggest an invisible injury took place:

Symptoms of Baby Concussion

  • Loss of awareness
  • Uncommon fuzziness where nothing you do fixes the problem
  • Disinterest in favorite toys or games
  • Confusion– sometimes presumed to be stubborn rebellion, when it is unusual behavior it may be that the child is not able to find out what you are stating or want him/her to do
  • Dazed– looks at you and surroundings with a blank expression
  • Tires a lot more easily than typical, wants to lie down at improper times or locations
  • Lightheadedness– might look like loss of balance when sitting, walking or standing
  • Odd absence of coordination– unable to hold toys, tips cups over when reaching to get them, inability to go forward or backward
  • Changes in eating and sleeping– any unusual changes for no apparent reason that can not be fixed generally
  • Abnormally sluggish responses to games, instructions, questions and noises
  • Modifications in habits of any kind that is uncommon
  • Repeated throwing up– when he is not ill

When should I call 911?

If your baby strikes his head and starts breathing irregularly, has convulsions, or is subconscious, call for immediate assistance. Don’t move him unless he’s in risk of being hurt further. Carry out CPR if he isn’t really breathing, and if he’s bleeding, cover the wound with a clean fabric and apply pressure.

When should I call the doctor?

It’s typical for children to hit their heads when they fall, and in many cases there’s absolutely nothing to fret about. If your baby passes out, however, have him checked out by his doctor or by the doctor at the emergency room. Often, even with a small blow, the brain can be hurt.

Also take your baby to a doctor right away if he hits his head and in the next day or more he:

Is vomiting. It’s all right to have a bout of throwing up after a fall, but it shouldn’t persist.
Appears uncommonly sleepy throughout the day or can’t be awakened in the evening. Try waking your baby a few times the first night after his fall, just to make sure you can.
Appears weak or baffled, or seems to have issues with coordination, vision, or spoken interaction.
Can a concussion cause long-term mental retardation?

Just in unusual cases. But a second concussion before symptoms from the first one have actually cleared can be harmful, perhaps causing brain damage and even death. So if your baby has actually suffered a concussion that caused him to lose consciousness, your doctor will probably encourage you to keep an extra-watchful eye on him for the next couple of weeks.

How can I avoid my baby from getting a concussion?

The best thing you can do is to childproof your home. Also make sure your child is always securely buckled into his safety seat in the car.


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