Baby Can’t Breathe Through Nose

Baby Can't Breathe Through Nose

A stuffy nose can mean one grouchy baby– particularly because newborns know how to breathe only through their little nostrils in the beginning. Here are some steps to ease your baby’s discomfort, stat.

A young baby’s natural instinct is to breathe through their nose– even when it is obstructed. It is for that reason important to keep your baby’s nose clear as a blocked nose can interrupt sleeping and feeding.

Baby Can’t Breathe Through Nose

Purchase saline nasal spray. This is the only safe nasal spray to use with babies, babies, and toddlers. Lay the baby down on his back and, if possible, a little tilt his head back (don’t force it, though). Then spray 2 to 3 drops of saline spray into each nostril. Don’t worry if baby sneezes some of it out– it still made its method into the nasal passage. If any spray comes out of the nose, clean it away carefully with a tissue.

Use a bulb syringe. This is also called a nasal aspirator. Make sure to purchase one specially produced baby’s tiny nostrils. As soon as again, lay baby down on his back. Squeeze the bulb to get all the air out, and, while still squeezing, gently place the tip into baby’s nostril (make certain not to stick it too far up). Then launch the pressure, take it out, and squeeze the mucus from the bulb onto a tissue. Repeat in the other nostril.

Steam up the bathroom. Run a hot shower for a few minutes; when the bathroom is steamy, being in the room with Baby for a bit. This will assist loosen up the mucus in the nostrils. But do not go in the hot shower with your child– the water can scald him!

Baby Can't Breathe Through Nose


Run a cool air humidifier. Most of us have the heat on in our houses during the cold weather, and that dry air can pack up a baby’s nose. Keeping a cool air humidifier going in her space while she sleeps can provide some relief and avoid stuffiness.

Raise the baby crib bed mattress. It’s simpler for everyone to breathe through a stuffy nose when our head is slightly elevated. You can’t put a pillow under baby’s head due to the fact that of the SIDS risk, so location a towel below the head of the bed mattress to elevate it slightly. This will provide Baby some relief during nap and bedtime.

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