Why My Baby Blows Bubbles

Why My Baby Blows Bubbles

According to Chicago Parent, the bubbles that babies blow are an important part of early speech advancement. The bubbles are an outcome of mouth motions that happen while the baby is learning how to create various controlled sounds that later result in real speech.

Inning accordance with Chouinard, not all babies will blow raspberries. Yet those who do “blow bubbles” and show other intricate mouth movements like licking their lips have the tendency to pick up language faster as toddlers, a current study discovered. With that as a background, Chouinard says it’s a good idea to promote language development early on– in an enjoyable, proper way, obviously.

Why My Baby Blows Bubbles

The bubbles that a baby produces, along with blowing raspberries, are the baby’s effort to control sound volume from the mouth along with to imitate the noises others make around the baby when speaking. Bubble blowing generally begins at the ages of 6 to 8 months, with successful development of the raspberry sound taking place more quickly if the noises are demonstrated for the baby. The effort to teach the baby to recreate the noises also assists babies learn the back and forth circulation of regular interaction as the child reacts to noises made by those around him.

Why My Baby Blows Bubbles

In addition to establishing speech, the bubbles and raspberries a baby makes reinforce the jaw and the lips, assisting in eating solid foods and making it possible for the creation of an effective seal of the lips to avoid food and drink from falling out of the mouth. The backward and forward flow in between the baby and his parent or sibling who is teaching the baby to produce the sounds also works as a bonding experience.


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