Babies and the Common Cold


The acute rhinitis is a viral infection that can happen to anyone. It infects the respiratory tract and typically causes nasal blockage and a runny nose. Infants are vulnerable to the acute rhinitis since their body immune system is not yet completely strong to react against infection. If you have a baby you have to be on guard to safeguard your baby versus any illness most particularly the cold. 

The best way to prevent your baby from having the cold is thru prevention.

Make sure you keep your baby healthy by offering the appropriate nutrients by breastfeeding, extra vitamins and keeping the baby far from people who are currently infected with the common cold.

Ensure that you understand the methods on how your baby may get infected with the cold. Understand that the cold virus may be spread thru air, direct contact, exposure to others and infected surface areas. The modification in weather condition specifically during cold months is another factor for the spread of the cold virus. Preserve a clean environment constantly. Wash or sanitize the baby’s toys, clothes, beddings and pillows. Ensure to clean your hands before holding your baby and enforce the exact same procedure to all of your family members to keep the baby from the virus. Attempt to keep people who have colds away from your baby.

If your baby has the typical cold keep an eye out for symptoms such as a low fever typically about 37 C, a runny nose, sneezing, nasal congestion, irritability, anorexia nervosa and problem in sleeping. If the baby is younger than 3 months seek advice from the doctor right away for correct healthcare. Make certain to take down how long your baby has the cold since this may lead to pneumonia, dehydration and other complications. Make certain to take your baby to the doctor if you are uncertain of what to do.

You need to attempt to help the baby deal with the cold. Attempt to give the baby more fluids like water or juice as well as breast milk to avoid dehydration. Some natural decongestant may be valuable to treat the cold and make use of anti-cold herbs like ginger, holy basil and black pepper. Utilize Mint by putting it in hot water and use it as steam to decongest nasal passages of your baby. Make sleeping more comfortable for your baby by elevating one side of the crib mattress. Ask your doctor to give you prescriptions of Baby Tylenol to help relieve the uneasy sensations that go along with the cold infection. You can use Saline drops or spray to relieve the mucus on your baby’s nose. If possible have a humidifier in your baby’s room to keep moisture in the air and assist her breathe easily.

There is no treatment for the cold. There are just medications to handle it and precautionary measures to follow also. It may as well be said that the common cold has harmful impacts to your baby so it is always a sensible decision on your part to do all you can to prevent this problem to take place to your baby.


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