Signs of Rat Poisoning in Baby

Rat toxin contains a range of components that interact to eliminate rodents; nevertheless, these compounds are also deadly to people if ingested. The quantity of time it takes for symptoms to appear relies on the quantity of rat toxin consumed and the number of days it is consumed. It is important to note that symptoms of rat poisoning may occur even when an individual hasn’t ingested rat toxin. This is since warfarin, an element of rat poison, is likewise used in medicine as a blood thinner.

Observable signs of rat poisoning in people can consist of external blood on the orifices of the body (mouth, nose and anus), along with bruising on limbs and other body parts.

Signs of Rat Poisoning in Baby


When rat poison is ingested, unexpected nose bleeds that are hard to manage may take place. In addition, the individual may bruise easily and cuts might take longer than typical to embolisms. Even normal contact with everyday products might cause a bruise. Women might see bruising under bra straps. Bruising may be seen near waistbands, watches or rings.

Signs of Rat Poisoning in Baby

Gastrointestinal Symptoms

Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea are all symptoms of rat poisoning. Sometimes, the diarrhea might be blood-streaked. Abdominal cramping and indigestion are likewise possible. These symptoms might appear all of a sudden if a big quantity of rat poison is consumed; nevertheless, if only a percentage of rat poison is ingested daily, intestinal symptoms might appear gradually over a period of days.

Other Symptoms

Less-common symptoms of rat poisoning include hair loss, fever, seizures, nerve damage, lethargy, restlessness, chills, dementia and nasal complications. Severe complications of rat poisoning are seizures, respiratory distress, difficulty breathing, cardiac arrest, internal bleeding, liver failure, shock and death. Any of these symptoms warrants a journey to the emergency clinic.

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